Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cuba Photographer Adventures -March 3-10, 2012 Tampa-Havana R/T

Scheduled for MARCH 3-10 2012

Join Yvonne Butler and other professional photographers and travel writers on an adventure to Havana in March 2012. Get on the INTEND TO TRAVEL/RESERVATION PENDING list and Email Information Requested list asap and receive new info as it develops. Some already have reserved a space. Write to See BIO page on site for details.

Adventure Description:  Cuba Professional Photographer/Travel Writer-Photographer Travel Adventure, in conjunction with Yvonne J Butler Photography ( , a seven-day PhotographY Adventure to Cuba from Tampa.

This is a chance of a lifetime to mingle with the people of Old City Havana, take wonderfully nostalgic photographs, and experience the culture and surroundings before the fast-food chains and others move in and the old-world culture fades away.

The cultural exchange group will consist of photographers who are interested in having a cultural experience in Cuba. This is not an instructional program and there are no professional photographer leaders or instructors “on duty.”  A top-quality Cuban Travel Group is working with Yvonne to plan an outstanding set of cultural exchange activities, meet-ups with Cuban artists and experts, and special excursions.. Yvonne will coordinate the program planning and registrations, execution of event and logistics in Cuba, with help of agency that will provide escorts and bus transportation for group events on the itinerary that also has plenty of open shoots and free time.
Adventure Price:TBA (flight, hotel accommodations, program, visa, licensing).
Photographer Adventure Price includes:
·         R/T flight Tampa FL-Havana Cuba
·         Accommodations: Hotel and some meals
·         Program in Cuba
·         Travel visa and group licensing.  US Passport with at least six months date validity will be required.
Next Steps:  Contact Yvonne Butler immediately at to get your name on the Cuba Photographer Adventure list for March 3-10, 2012.  We have lists underway now with very serious interest, and several Definites. Don't wait. This one will fill up quickly.  See you in Havana!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Number in a series for good composition

Normally, we use one-three-five-odd# in a series, for photography and art composition. I happened to like the composition for the closeup posted earlier with a pair (two with one in bokeh behind them) this time only. Sometimes you can break the rules but you have to know them and know them well, first.

Still, when working with pears or apples or tomatoes in a grouping, for example, I would compose and shoot one pear alone and explore all possibilities with light and shadows, then three, then five. I may then go back and re-shoot five while cropping out edges of the series (grouping). Sometimes just following the rules and not experimenting leads to sameoh-sameoh images; bending or even breaking the rules may give you freedom to explore other possibilities. However, learn to drive the car (camera, lens and flash unit) before you experiment.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where was this taken?

Ile Saint Louis is an Island on the Rive Droite (Right Bank of the Seine) (versus Rive Gauche/Left Bank), adjacent to the Notre Dame cathedral area, in Paris. [There are two islands in the Seine - Ile Saint Louis and Il de la Cite' on which Notre Dame sits.] It's a lovely, rather quiet, upscale part of the city with a wide range of small, intimate cafes for coffee and light fare all the way up to Michelin restaurants that require reservations well-in-advance. Les Boulangeries (bakeries) are the best!

One more . . . .

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Another new Art Piece

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New Fine Art Photography on

I adore Paris. This is an example of some of the non-iconic, funky places I like to interpret.
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